Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wooden Snowmen

Once again, I am crafting from an idea on Pintrest. Several ideas, actually. I combined them and came up with this as a Christmas gift for a friend who collects snowmen. I used up the last of the wooden pieces from my closet dividers. I had originally wanted to make these a bit smaller, but if I cut them they would be to small, so I left them as is.

Step one was sand and paint the wooden pieces. I left the tops intentionally unpainted for two reasons, one was to give me a spot to hold without getting paint on my fingers (yeah, right) and the second was because it was being covered in fabric anyway, so why waste the bit if extra paint it would take.

After sanding and painting, I picked through my fabric scraps to find some that were big enough to wrap around the wooden pieces and tall enough to be able to tie them for tassels.

I wrapped them lightly around the wood, and then dug out my glue gun. No sewing here!

The glue only took minutes to dry, so I was quickly able to move onto the next step. I fringed the top fabric for the tassel  and tied it off. For some I used extra fabric, for others I used small elastics.

Finally, I used some puff fabric paint to give them 3d-ish faces, at least the eyes and mouths. The carrot noses I just painted on.

To hang them, I used some leftover Christmas tree ornament hooks; I put some more hot glue on each and slid them into the back of the hats.

Complete! All that needs to be done is wrap them. I hope they will be enjoyed when they are unwrapped on Christmas Day!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


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