Monday, December 17, 2012

Candy Bouquet

Another Christmas present that I made this year is a candy bouquet. Once again, I got the idea from Pintrest, it came from a blog called Funky Polkadot Giraffe (that is an awesome name for a blog). I made this in half an hour while I had a load of laundry running, so if you need a quick and cheap gift, I recommend it!

I started with a piece of chocolate in a square box. This was for my base.

I flipped it over and using my glue gun, glued a box of Whoppers to make the first side of the vase. This was the easy part.

The opposite side was made with a box of Junior Mints, It was easy getting them on there, but I had to hold both until they dried to make sure they stayed straight upright.

The toughest part was getting the boxes of Glosettes and Good & Plenty in as the sides, trying to squeeze my glue gun inside the vase to get the edges. They are a bit uneven, but it could be worse, I guess :-) 

I asked my recipient about a month before what her favourite bars and boxed candies were. This is what I used when I was picking everything.  Something that was not on her list was the Good & Plenty, but it was the only box that would fit together to make the vase. I got the boxes at the supermarket and the bars below at the dollar store. Except the Caramilk, Rolo and Toblerone, I got two of each. 

The original post said to use your glue gun to glue the stir sticks (I used skewer as I already had them on hand) directly to the bars, I was afraid this would melt them. For some,  I just slid the skewer between the inner and outer wrappers, taping the top and bottom as necessary to keep it from sliding around.

The rest had a fold on the back, so I lifted it and put the skewers under, again, taping as necessary.

I filled my vase with some tissue paper to hold the skewers in place.

And finally, inserted my chocolate bar flowers into the vase! I had to go back and re-tape some bars as the skewers had poked through, as well, I had to cut some skewers as they were to long and sat to high,

All wrapped and ready to go for Christmas day. Hope someone has a huge sweet tooth!!

One more creation down, I only have one more to post and it is a few recipes, yum! Christmas Eve is a week away, and all I have left to do is make a batch of shortbread, one of maple fudge and I am thinking of making another batch of cherry balls, as they seem to be everyone's favourite and the first batch only made just enough to divide up between everyone.

Have a good Monday, everyone!!


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