Friday, December 7, 2012


The Nursery is complete! I have been slowly working on it all week (all month, actually) with lots of help from other people. and finally today I finished it.

Time for a we go!!

Hanging on the door is my bunny, I received her as a gift from an Aunt when I was a kid. Somehow, she survived! And so I thought it would be nice to have her hanging there.

First stop, the dresser/changing table. Above it I have some purple camo butterflies that I bought off eBay. I highly recommend the seller, she was quick and provided a product that was top-notch (and could not be found anywhere else for the price). The dresser has 4 drawers and two cabinets  in the top I have the cloth diapers, the second has 0-6 month onesies and sleepers, the next has extras, as I have lots of wipes, diapers and creams from my shower and samples. And the bottom has stuff that we will not use right away that we were given, some larger diaper covers and toys that were labelled 6 + months. One cabinet has blankets in it, and the other is empty for now, because the laundry basket needed a place to go. It is in front of the door.

To the left is changing supplies, disposable diapers for the first few days, diaper covers that my Mom made, and in the centre some odds and ends for grooming.

To the right, receiving blankets and wipes. And the heater control that has a purple camo spot. :-) The instructions said to put one on the wall for 24 hours to be sure it would not peel off, after the day was up, I stuck it on the heater control.

Next up is the crib, with the letters I made last month, some more butterflies and some stars. The stroller is sitting there for now, but eventually it will move to the car trunk for convenience (since we live on the second floor). Hanging over the crib is a tie blanket I made and two quilts that were given to me by Mr. Man's Mom.

The one on the left was his when he was a baby, I believe she said his Grandmother made it. The one on the right was made by his Mom for baby Salean.

The lovely purple-ish camo curtains that his Mom made for me. I had to go to another city about an hour away, because all they had here was blue, pink, grey, green and turquoise. I wanted a matching crib skirt, but didn't want to go all the way to Fredericton to get the fabric.

Onto the closet. It is a tight squeeze between the blanket chest and the book shelf, but there is no other place for the chest, so it will have to do! I decorated the door with some circles and stars I got with my eBay order. I have lots of clothes for baby on coat hangers and all her pants and a pair of shoes in a hanging closet shoe organizer.

Next is the bookshelf and baskets I had done up. The shelf is from my computer desk, but it take up to much space on top of the desk so for the last few years it has just been a junk catcher. I decided to put it to good use in baby's room. On the door is the diaper bag I was given, and they can't be seen, but in the alcove of the shelf on the floor is the play pen and a plastic container that is for collecting things to give away as baby grows out of them. In it now are  few soothers, because me managed to accumulate about a dozen! I don't think that many is needed!

Close up of the baskets: on the left top is a basket containing hats and mittens and one containing socks. To the right is most of the library I have accumulated. On the bottom left, the outside baskets contain the two knitted sets I was given for baby, the one in the middle is bibs. On the bottom right are toys, one has rattles, the second some stuffed sensory toys and the third teethers, duckies and a cool ball I picked up.

Above the shelf are more stars and another butterfly, and a collage of photos. Baby has lots of cousins (and another on the way, thus the blank photo spot), and I wanted to have her family close by. Also are a few stuffed animals that I had been given or bought and a glass clown that was given to me by her Grandmother (a family tradition).

And finally, for cuteness, I put a few more of my camo spots on the garbage can. I still have oodles of spots, butterflies and stars, but plan on saving them for the next time. Hopefully we will be moving out of an apartment and into a house in a couple of years, so we will need to re-do a toddler room!

The only things I am thinking of adding are a few pictures for the walls, and if I can get it,  small shelf to keep the crystal clown on. I don't want it just laying anywhere in case it gets broken!

I hope you liked the tour, only a few more weeks to go!

Happy Friday, everyone!!



  1. I love it sister!!! You did an amazing job.

  2. Super cute! If we have another one, I would go this route. We had a boy, so his is full blown green camo!