Sunday, December 30, 2012

Almost time!

It is almost time for many things. Baby will be here any day now. And so will 2013. We survived 2012!

The week before Christmas, we got a good dumping of snow, it looked like it was going to be a white Christmas. But a day and a half later, it was gone. The temperature went up, the rain came down and bye-bye snow. So, we had a green Christmas. To look out now, you'd never know!  We always have at least one good storm between Christmas & New Year's, sometimes two. This year is no different!

Our first one was Thursday, the clouds came by and dumped about 10 cm (4ish inches) on us. Just as I had to leave for a Doc's appointment 30 minutes away it started, and it came down fast!!. Thankfully, Mr Man had gotten home from work early as his truck was broken (again) and it had also started earlier where he was, the truck was a quick fix, but he thought the roads were going to be to bad so he quit for the day. So, he was able to drive me to and from my appointment. The Doc said it can literally be any day now!!

Our second storm is today. It started sometime between my 2:15 and 3:35 trips to the loo. At 3:35 it looked like it had been snowing all night, and now at 10:30 AM, it is still going strong. Today is another indoor day as they do not expect it to stop until about 5 PM, dropping another 15 to 20 cm. Thankfully, we live in an apartment, no shovelling except for a small 4 foot deck!

We have both been sick all week, as well, so it has mostly been an indoor week. We managed to get out on Christmas Eve to our parent's but bowed out early at both places due to being tired, and we are not the only ones sick. His whole family caught it, to. On Christmas 'morning', he started poking me at about 2:30 asking if we could get up and unwrap presents now (worse than the kids! At least our nephews, aged 4 and 6, slept until about 8!) I put him off until about 3, then we got up for an hour and opened everything. We got to my Mom's for Christmas dinner, again bowing out early to go home and sleep. His Mom cancelled her Christmas dinner on Boxing day because she was so sick, she had it yesterday instead.

Boxing day I spent in bed, and him on the couch watching back episodes of NCIS. We took a quick (2 hr) spin to the emergency room when my temperature spiked around dinner time, but otherwise spent the day trying to get better. Thursday, the storm hit and we only went out for the Doc's appointment, and he walked to the store to get bread and milk, by this time he was feeling better. Me, not so much.

Friday, we got out to hit some Boxing Day sales, but still I felt like crud, so we were not out long. I got a Sophie Giraffe for baby, though, she was 10 dollars off!! I also spent my gift cards at the book store, I got a new e-reader just before Christmas, so with the cards I got 5 books and a cover for it.

Saturday we went to his Mom's for dinner, then out to get more sales, but we have not much funds so all we got was some scrapbook paper & stickers from Michael's that were 50% off.

And today, he is pretty much all better save for a cough. I am coughing and still stuffy. I am achy due to baby and hoping she comes soon!

Today will be an indoor storm day, I am going to clean a bit and the tree will be coming down. I have a bit of writing to catch up on and then I guess the rest of the day will be dedicated to watching TV and being comfy!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, have a good day!!


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