Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree

We got our first winter storm today, about 5 cm (2 inches) of snow, and on top of it an hour or two of freezing rain and finally several hours of rain, which is supposed to continue all night and into tomorrow. So, yesterday I bribed Mr. Man with a batch of snickerdoodles to put up the tree. This morning, while it snowed, I decorated.

This is our first Christmas in this apartment, and as you can see the star just brushes the ceiling  My last few places were very high, so I was surprised when he got the tree up and there were only inches between the top and the ceiling! I tried my best to get everything on there this year, because I know for the next few years I may have to forgo my pretty glass ornaments because of curious toddler hands.

I have a lot of baubles that are older than old, given to me by my Mom. This is one that hung on my Grandmother's tree for years. 

These are some more of my Grandmother's ornaments. 

The next two my Mom said were on her tree when she was a kid, so they are from the early to mid 1950s!

This next one was one I picked up at a craft sale about 3 years ago. It was supposed to go home with Kyristan, but never made it there. That year, we had all gone to my parents for Christmas Eve / Morning, so my sister decided not to have a tree. She and Kyristan helped me decorate my tree, I had gotten this as a special ornament for him to put on. 

My Angels are a set of four that I purchased from Avon a few years ago. they are very fragile glass and unfortunately last year I broke the wing off one. I think they are beautiful, especially when the light shines through. 

This is one from my tree when I was a kid. In the 80's there was a TV show called The Wuzzles, my sisters and I each received a ornament for the tree that year. Mine was the Elephant/Kangaroo, who originally came with a candy cane that disappeared soon after. I found this year that he has lost an eye, and I notice now that the painted on kangaroo pocket is mostly worn off. 

Every year, I buy one or two new decorations for the tree. This one is from last year, a mug of Tim's coffee. I bought it because last year was our first Christmas together and the thing we do the most is go to Tim's every weekend morning and people watch. 

This is another new one from last year, and behind it another old one from my Grandmother's tree. The snowflake I bought at a craft show last year. I usually don't buy things I can make myself. I have some of the clay here and planned on making some but never got around to it. 

Another one from my Mom, it hung on our tree when I was a kid...and I noticed today it is a bit broken to. 

This one Kyristan picked out when he was about 18 months old. My first Christmas in my own place. I was babysitting him one day and took him to the dollar store to get decorations, our budget was 10 dollars. I  let him wader the isle and pick 8 boxes (allowing 2 dollars for taxes) of plastic baubles and toys. This is the only one I have remaining because I have given away or tossed the rest as I replaced them with glass decor. It is a memory of that first frugal Christmas and of the older lady that thought K was so cute as he toddled up and down the isle while I said 'just one more!'

These I bought a few years ago at Michael's, I have three. They are porcelain and meant to be decorated to taste with a sharpie. I love the clean white look of them, so I have left them as is. I have had many guests agree.

This is one of two Eeyore's on my tree, both a gift from a good friend.

Another from my Mom, we had oodles of these in three colours hanging on our tree when  I was a kid. At the time I thought they were ugly, but now that there are only about 6 left, I love them and wish I had more!

Another one given as a gift, from way back in 1997 when I was in high school and a Junior Leader with the local Girl Guide group. This was made and given to me by one of my fellow leaders.

And finally my star, another thing picked out by K from my first tree. I have never been able to find anything nicer than it, and when I had lost it last year I actually went out and bought another exactly like it (and twice as much). I found it when we were moving a couple months ago, this is the original  not the replacement. It is wrapped as it has much more sparkles on it.

Another full tree shot, it is kinda looking a little bare in spots, I may have to find some more ornaments! I think maybe because usually it is against the wall, so I only have to decorate the front and sides, this year I had to decorate all the way around since it is out in the open.

The only thing you will not see on my tree is tinsel, I have always hated the stuff. My sisters love it. I lent my tree to my sister about 4 years back and I am still picking the stuff off! Blech!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Merry (early)Christmas, everyone!! 


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