Friday, November 2, 2012

Nursery Letters

All over the internet, I have found nursery pictures with baby's name in giant letters on the wall.

Now, I'm not usually one to jump on the bandwagon, but I fell in love with it! I was planning on just ordering the letters, but back when we had the boy or girl debate, I found out it would be almost 2 months for delivery (since they are made to order). At that time, I had no clue we were going to be gifted with a 3D ultrasound, so I started planning my own.

The first thing I did was price my letters...ouch, at the local craft store they were about 5 dollars each!! That adds up fast. So I was about to give up on the idea until I came across another one. It was basically a little shelf with coat hooks, and a letter on a square of wood was hung off each hook. I decided to go with this method, with some alterations.

I ran to the craft store again and got some pre-cut wood pieces. We had decided on purple camo for the nursery theme, this is because he likes camo and neither one of us are into the whole pretty pink sparkles thing. Bleh. Plus, I had found some nice purple camo wall stickers on eBay. I just ordered them yesterday, so they have yet to come in, but I can't wait!

So i started with painting the six blocks alternating dark and light purple. I didn't think to photograph until I was quite a bit into the project, so forgive me for lack of pictures. I was just planning on stopping with that, but decided to continue with the camo. After a quick online search, I found a webpage showing how to draw camo. It was actually a lot easier than it looks! I took the three dark purple squares and drew in the camo lines. If I were to do it again  I would have picked the light coloured squares to draw on, the dark were just to hard to see.

Then I just started painting. I made some spots white, some the lighter purple and then some more a lilac purple.

After asking for input from Mr Man (who thinks I'm crazy, by the way. I told him it was a chick thing), we decided to go with diamonds instead of squares, so he turned them on their side and drilled ribbon holes through a corner. (after mentioning the paint job was very impressive and I should do his truck next).

I had also bought some large letter stickers at the craft store, they were 99 cents for 2, so I stuck these on each block, then added three layers of mod podge.

Finally, I threaded the ribbons through the holes, and hung them on the nursery wall! This is the first touch the room has had, more to come!!

The room does not even have curtains on it yet (but I managed to find purple camo fabric!).

So much more to do in the next two months, the baby shower is this weekend so hopefully next weekend we can go out and get everything. Since I get paid weekly, there are 5 pays this month and so next weeks is one that has no bills to come out, yay! So it is all going towards baby stuff, can't wait!!

Hope everyone had a great and uneventful Halloween, and got through Hurricane Sandy alright, happy Friday everyone!!


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