Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Shower

 Yesterday was my baby shower, my sister threw it for me and we all had a good time! She managed to get purple decorations, which I forgot to get a picture of!

My sister made most of the food, including these yummy cupcakes! We also had egg, tuna and ham sandwiches, chips, fudge, cookies, banana bread, and of course, the obligatory fruit and veggie trays. We got a lot of nice gifts, as well, so here I am to show them off!

Staring off with some nice homemade goodies, this is a quilt that baby's Grandmother made.

And a knitted set that her Great-Grandmother made.

The one below is a set that my Mom received at her baby shower for me. I wore it only a couple of times, for pictures, and it has been packed away with the Christmas ornaments since. I can't wait to have baby's pictures taken in it!

My sister gave us a nice diaper bag...that was full of goodies!!

And from some of the girls I work with, I got a container full of more small things for baby.

A few toys for baby to play with.

And of course...plenty of clothes!! These are two of my favourites, one for each of us from his Mom.

A bundle of tights and pants from various people. Oh! And a hat, over to the right.

And more clothes, this is the next day with everything sorted by size. Some are things I bought before, but most is shower gifts. We had a onesie count game, and altogether I got 16 onesies and about 10 sleepers.

This pile below in the closet is sized 0 to 9 months. Baby is going to be well dressed for those months!

I also got some soft fleece blankets, a monkey swaddle and a mosquito net for the stroller. This was from my Mom, because she lives in the country where there are lots of bugs!

And finally, the books! These were by request and from various people. My cousin gave me the Gruffalo books as these are her 2 year old's favourites, and a friend gave me the Belly Button Book because it was her son's favourite when he was a baby.

Some things I did not get a picture of included some bath products, rattles, receiving blankets, washcloths, and a changing pad. I still have plenty to go through to have a space for everything, but slowly it is coming together!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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