Thursday, November 8, 2012

Closet Dividers

All around the internet, I have been seeing closet dividers for baby's room. You get so many clothes in so many sizes, it is easier to just look in and see things by size, I am told. My favourite ones were homemade out of wooden door hangers, I wanted them to match my Nursery Letters, so i decided to undertake the task.

My first stop was the dollar store. I was sure I had seen the wooden door hangers there! No such luck. So I went to Michael's instead. None there, either! I did, however, find some little pieces of wood on sale for 1.99. They were perfect. I also got some small decorative wooden shapes to go on each one. When I got home, I realized the wooden pieces were actually 4 packs instead of the 2 packs I had originally thought, which means they are half the size width wise. They were still OK, so I didn't bother returning them.

First things first, I sanded them down and got my man to drill some homes in them for hanging.

I took one of the wooden shapes on each and traced the outline of it. No sense on wasting paint on an area that is going to be covered! I also drew my camo spots.

Colour one: Lilac purple.

Colour two: Purple-purple. 

Colour three: Dark purple.

And colour four: White. 

I put a layer of mod podge on them before realizing I forgot the numbers. I could not find stickers that i liked, so I just painted them on with yellow paint. I am thankful for the mod podge, as I had accidently mis-numbered them, so I had to go back and wipe some numbers off, it would have been much harder if it was just paint underneath. I finished up with 3 more layers of mod podge and then painted the sides and back purple, I left them podge-less. 

Finally, I lined up the decorations, pinned with a clothespin and used my glue gun to attach them. 

Here is one hanging in the closet with a onesie I got from my older sister at the shower. 

These are not the best pictures below, but here is a shot of each.



 So, things are starting to come together! Next up is my baskets for a bookshelf I am putting in the room, they are about half done.

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


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