Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Foodie Pen Pals

In the last few months, I have been participating in a round up called Foodie Pen Pals.  Basically each month I am pared with two people: one I send a package to, and the other sends a package to me. Once again this month my package came from Edmonton, Alberta. It was quite coincidental this month, my Pen Pal actually got involved because my Pen Pal last month  told her about it!

So what did I get this sweet October? All kinds of goodies!

 Some multigrain tortilla chips. I just realized I have not tried these yet! I will have to take them in my lunch tomorrow. I have not seen this brand around here, so I hope they are not to addictive! :-)

This litle pile is all gone! I love the Brookside berries, but they are quite expensive around here. The Nice & Natural is a new brand, and very tasty!! 

A tea mix and a lemon dill mix, two more things I have not found locally, but delicious!!

Homemade granola, and the recipe! Coincidentally  I also sent out home made granola this month...but this one is better with the bits of chocolate. I have been sprinkling a bit on my yogurt each morning, it is a nice boost of taste. 

When I saw this at the bottom of the box, I thought it was a little touch of booze...something I can't have right now. But then I looked closer and realized it is water flavouring! It is a nice and refreshing taste in your water. I have not seen this around her, either. 

That's it for this month! If you are interested in participating in November's Foodie Pen Pals, click HERE!! 

Happy Halloween, everyone!! 


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