Friday, October 26, 2012

Scrapbook Puzzle

This year, I am attempting to make all my Christmas gifts, or at least the ones for the grownups. It is hard to make things for the kids in my life, since I can not sew and they are either to you, or nor crazy for play-dough (weird, huh?) Anyway, this is the first of (hopefully) many crafts to come. I found this one on Pintrest, basically you take an old puzzle, usually a kid's one with nice big pieces, decoupage scrapbook paper to the pieces, then put it back together.

I started out with a simple enough Winnie-The-Pooh puzzle from the dollar store, 24 big pieces.

 It went well at first. A couple of the papers I had chosen were double sided or had more stuff in different spots. I used them twice, just putting them on different rows.

Almost done, one more row to go. I had some difficulties putting some pieces back together because of overlap, but I do not have an exacto knife to make perfect cuts. I just mashed them together the best I could.

Completed, I tried my best to vary between dark and light coloured paper, except for the xoxo one in the middle. After it was all together, I put more decoupage glue on both the front and the back. I plan on framing it but the one I have is to small, so I will have to find another.

It was a fairly simple project, but I did it over three days last week. I have lots of leftover papers, so I may make another one for myself or attempt to do it better with a smaller puzzle.

Happy Friday, everyone!!


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