Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

While waiting for the turkey and stuffing to cook Monday, my man K and I painted some pumpkins for Nanny. This is the story of our Pumpkin Painting adventure! 

First things first...a scary face! 

Next, I was told to paint a ghost. The one on the left is what I drew. I was told it does not look like Boo (from Mario) so with K describing him to me, I drew the one on the right.

Next, K wanted to draw Boo to! The red on top is his tongue. The red K on the left is actually an X. I was told "X marks the treasure" and the red dots going around the pumpkin is the trail to the treasure. The green dots are grass, of course.

Pumpkin #2. The first thing he wrote was the giant "BOO" in red. He then asked me to draw a goat. I though he misspoke and asked "ghost?", he said no, a goat. There is goat at the top. I had him spell goat for me and we labelled it. It is a tricky word (he guessed the A after a hint) and then K sung a song that he learned in school about those tricky invisible letters!

Kyristan next wrote his name below the Boo and then painted in the letters, He also drew a yellow snake (centre), another ghost (bottom centre) and a black moon (top left) because I had drawn a sun on the other side (seen above).

The second pumpkin was completed with some white spots and a smiley face by me.

This killed a bit of time before dinner was ready, by the time we were done and cleaned up it was time for Kyristan to help set the table. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, and I really enjoyed my day out. Next year, we will have two high chairs for Thanksgiving, as our little Jellybean will be almost 11 months old, and K's baby brother Cormac will be a year and a half!

A hint for painting with kids (I learned when I went to college to work in daycare), put a dollop of paint into a cup and add about the same amount of dish soap, mix them together. It not only stretches your paint, but also helps with cleanup!!

Hope everyone is having a great week and all you Canadians had a wonderful Thanksgiving to!


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