Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Week of Sensory Bins

Spring is here, sort of. The rain has come but we still have (literally) about 3 feet of snow, which means we are quite limited in what we can do outdoors. Monday morning, we were very bored, Salean was going stir crazy and so was I. We did a small painting project, pictures to go to her Great Grandmas with the photos we had done the week before. While I was digging through my craft bin, I found a bag of orange lentils that we had used last year. That might be something interesting to do! 

At first, I just put them in a small box, but she was having a hard time playing in it. There just wasn't enough space. I remembered a bin I had under the newbies crib, it originally had baby clothes stored in it, but they are now being worn as hand me downs.  This was a perfect size! With a little fuss (she thought I was taking it away) I swapped her toys over to the new bin and she played for over an hour! 

She really got into it, I added 2 dump trucks, an excavator, and a cup and measuring spoon.

Tuesday afternoon, I was digging in the cupboards for some paper towel, and a bag of rice fell out. This was one I bought at the dollar store that had been intended for a sensory bin, but never got there. I quickly dyed it while I made lunch and gave it to her the next day in the same bin with the same toys. Another hour was killed, yay! She came out of this one with slightly purple hands, but it wiped off easily.

Friday, I looked for the pasta we had used last year, it was a hit again. I put a dinosaur, 2 cups, a spoon and bowl in the bin. By the end of it, all her dinosaurs were in it.

We had a little lesson with the pasta, I scooped out a yellow tube and asked her to scoop out more. We then repeated it with blue penne and green bugs. She only played with this one for about 45 minutes, but once she filled the box with dinos, it became a little crowded and she lost interest.

Even the newbie, Savana, got into the fun with some sensory bottles I made almost a year ago, she is getting big and will be 4 months next week! She loved sitting and batting them around! 

So, because the little misses loved sensory play so much, we are going to get them a little sand table to go indoors. We rearranged the living room tonight to make space for it, and I purchased a few different items to go in it today. I can't wait until it is discovered! From here on out, Tot School will have sensory play included! 

Have a good week, everyone!


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