Saturday, March 28, 2015

Colour Matching with Paint Chips.

Lately, Little Miss Salean has been taken with matching. She pulls out a sheep from both her puzzle and her farm, showing me pointing "look, same!" Socks are matched, Pictures in books, balls, even patterns. We were watching Sesame Street and they were counting red mushrooms with white dots, she ran and grabbed her red ball with white dots, pointing to show me it was the same.  I decided to take advantage of this natural curiosity and made a colour learning game with paint chips and cups. 

 I cut up a paint chip for each primary colour, red, blue and yellow. I found three plastic cups and covered them with construction paper of matching colours (I had to use a crayon to make the red, as oddly our package of construction paper did not have red in it). I put the paint chips into another cup and showed her what to do, naming the colours.

I was quite surprised, she really took to it and got all but one in the right cups. She quickly realized her mistake and corrected it. 

After a couple of rounds, she got a bit bored with the colour matching and just started dropping them into random cups. It occupied her for about 10 minutes, though, which is a fair amount of time for a busy 2 year old.

Even though she can not say the colours, I am hoping this little game will teach her to recognize the three primary colours, and then we can move on to some secondary ones, like green, orange and purple.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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