Monday, March 2, 2015

Homemade Butter

This one is being posted a little late, we did this activity on pancake day, February 17th. I decided for dinner I was going to make buttermilk pancakes. They were a super flop, so I am not going to post that recipe. I found this quick recipe in a Chatelaine magazine a few years ago, it said to use a blender but my blender didn't work; after whipping the cream it just spun and spun doing nothing else. So, at the time I threw the half completed concoction into my mixer and made quick work of it. 

This is an easy recipe, you need one ingredient and one tool: whipping cream and a mixer. Pour the cream into the mixer with the whisk attachment and turn it on. 

I started it on slow until it thickened up some, just for the mess factor Once it became cream, I turned it up to full speed.

Above, it is cream. About 2-3 minutes into the process. By this time Miss Salean became bored and wandered off. 

About 6-7 minutes in, it looks like cream still but turning yellow. Starting to curdle. Best to put a towel over it now, because the change is coming shortly. 

Suddenly, after about 10 minutes, it separates into butter and buttermilk!  By this time she wandered back, but still did not have much interest in it. 

And finally, the butter is fished out of the buttermilk and squeezed to get all the excess out I put some on a cracker, but she refused to try it. She did, however, enjoy poking it with a knife!

Later in the day, we used our buttermilk and butter for our pancakes. They tasted good, but looked horrible and didn't raise very well.

I am sure someday this will make a great science experiment to teach with, but for now it just looks cool, and is actually a little cheaper than buying butter in the store.

Have a good week, everyone!


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