Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This month, we have had a lot of winter storms. A LOT of winter storms. In between storms, it has been bitter cold, so we have been stuck inside most of this past month. So what are two girls to do but bake! This past week, we made chocolate chip cookies, a very simple recipe that I have been making for years. I originally got the recipe from a Kraft What's Cooking magazine, but you can get the recipe HERE

Once again, I premeasured the ingredients,. She got a little antsy and tried to dump everything in at once, so I had to hold her back until the butter and sugars were creamed. Here she is pouring the eggs in.

In go the chocolate chips. We just used up a spare half package, there were a bit to many, some cookies were packed full.

Scooping. I set my spoon down to take the picture, and she had to fill it and pass it back to me.

More scooping, she really got into it. 

Cookies, deliciously baked. Mr Picky came in the door just as they were being pulled from the oven, perfect timing on this stormy day! We ended up getting 25 cm when they were only calling for about 10. We are glad he decided to come home early and be safe, and help eat the cookies!

Finally, the best part, eating the cookies. They are really good fresh from the oven. The batch didn't last long!

So, if you ever find yourself stuck inside on a stormy day and in need of a treat, whip up this recipe. It is quick (only takes about 2 minutes in the mixer once you get everything measured out), Yum.

And we are hoping for no more snow!!

Have a good day, everyone!


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