Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pom Sorting

Last week, we got a new addition to our little school area: a sand table! They were on sale and because she enjoyed the sensory bins I made the week before, we decided to buy one using the money the girls got in cards over the last year, which so far has been sitting in the piggy banks. They don't realize it, but this is the first toy they have saved for! Although she has been told many times not to sit in it, Miss Salean still loves to. Here it is on the first night filled with rice, but a few days later I emptied it and it had red (orange) lentils in it all week. They are now all over my house. She loved it, though! 

I decided this week to experiment with Tot Trays, which is basically a tray with a learning activity on it. I built this colour learning game myself. I gave her 4 large poms and 9 small ones in four different colours: blue, red, green and yellow.

 The labels on the cups didn't last long, Salean has a thing for peeling stickers off stuff.

I left it on her toy shelf presented as below, she was pretty excited to see something new!

I showed her how to divide the poms by colour, labelling them as we went. After we went through them all, I asked her if she remembered which a certain colour was. She got most right on the second try, so a little more work is needed there.

After a few hours, the poms ended up being spread all over the room. From what I could tell, she was experimenting on the bounciness of poms. By the end of the week when I collected them, I was only short one or two small ones, I am sure they will pop up somewhere!

Building on this,  I decided to try teaching a few shapes as well. She brought her magnet drawing bored to me, and after drawing Daddy, Mama and Salean (she forgot sister) a few times on request, I moved onto a little learning game.

I first drew 2 circles and a triangle. I asked her which were the same and which was different. She didn't understand, so I pointed out the circles were the same and the triangle different. After that, she got it every time. Like the colours, I labelled each shape and then asked her if she remembered which one was a triangle. She got it! I did the same with squares and a circle and then triangles and a square and then finally with the 3 different shapes as a test. She got most of the shapes on the first try!

 I was told by a speech pathologist not to bother teaching shapes, colours etc. since she is still working on talking; but in my opinion just because she can not say the word, does not mean she can't understand and show me what they are. This proves that she is ready to learn, even though she refuses to talk!

I hope everyone has a great week!

~ Natasha.

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