Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Produce Pack: Week 1

It is time for us to start eating more veggies, so I signed up for a local produce pack. Once a week, I pay 40 dollars and I receive a produce pack of fresh, local, organic, chemical free veggies and seasonal fruit; along with a dozen free rage eggs and a loaf of home made artisan bread. It is a lot of veggies, but I am hoping this will get us to try new things and eat healthier. Because of the weather, some veggies are running late this year so they said they may have to skip next week. In lieu of next week's pack, they sent along an extra 10 dollars worth of veggies this week. This is what I got:

Along the top: leaf lettuce, 12 eggs, micro greens, whole wheat sourdough, cucumber. 
The 6 in the middle: 2 Lb beets, celeriac, hummus, 2 Lb parsnip, tomato, 1.5 Lb Jerusalem artichoke. 
Bottom: mizuna, 5 Lb potato, 1 Lb fiddleheads.
Missing from picture: 2 Lb rhubarb.

There are some things I had a choice of, instead of the tomato, I could have taken radishes and instead of the lettuce, I could have taken spinach. 

The bread is already cut in the picture because I gave little miss a couple thin slices with apple jelly on them for her snack. It was a hit! 

So, my first 'recipe' with my produce pack this week, a BLT! 

I have been craving one for a few days, but I didn't buy the ingredients because I knew they were coming. I used turkey bacon and the sourdough bread, along with some of the lettuce and tomato. Delicious!

I have already found a recipe for the rhubarb; and Friday it is supposed to rain so I hope to make a stew with some of the potatoes and parsnip, I just have to get some carrots. I have to find a use for the beets, celeriac and artichokes, although the latter two came with recipes. And I will pass on the fiddleheads. I may open them to take a couple for miss Salean to try, but after eating way to many as a teen, I am kind of over them. 

So, hopefully I will have a few more recipes to share with new veggies in the coming months! 

Have a good week, everyone! 


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