Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Buttery Bread Machine Rolls

I've always wanted a bread machine. So, last Christmas when I was gifted some cash, I went out and bought one. It sits on the counter taking up space and looking forlorn; I use it about once a month. A couple weeks ago, a complaint was put in about that fact. My problem with homemade bread is that I have a hard time slicing it, it is so thick that it won't fit in the toaster and then it gets forgotten for store bought bread. I was mentioning this to a friend last week and they said "well, why don't you make rolls?" Huh. I honesty didn't think of that, after all the machine has a dough setting on it. So, that night I did another recipe search, and came up with THIS. I decided they would be perfect to make Friday to go with a rainy day stew.

Someone had commented on the recipe that they had divided the dough and baked half of it off a few days later, so I decided to make the dough one night and bake it the next morning. I pulled it out of the bread machine and carefully wrapped it in plastic wrap. Into the fridge it went, and the next morning I was greeted with this:

I guess I missed a spot! Expanding dough will always find a way out!

The recipe states it makes 24, I mis-divided and managed 32 mini rolls. I had to put them in two pans. I will have to be more careful with my math the next time, as some are just a little to small. In my defence, it was 6 AM. I couldn't sleep so I got up to get ahead start on the days baking (for Saturday's baby shower). 

I let them sit and raise almost 2 hours, while I baked cookies and got ready for the day. They baked off in 15 minutes and, as bread always does, smelled absolutely delicious coming out of the oven at 8 AM. To bad little Miss was sleeping and Mr Picky was working, there was no one to share the yummy smell. I brushed them with a bit of butter, something my Mom taught me to do when she made bread; she told me it keeps the crust soft. I managed to wait 10 minutes before diving in!

This recipe is extremely easy and delicious, and again, smells divine! So long as the masses agree, I will be making them again! Even if they don't agree, I might :-)  
Have a good day, everyone!


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