Sunday, June 15, 2014

Diaper Cake

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Yesterday afternoon, I helped throw a baby shower for my sister. She is expecting her third boy, and is soon going to be vastly outnumbered! Last time, I made a diaper cake that was well received, so I decided to do a repeat performance for this baby.

Layer one is about half a box of Kirkland diapers. I used a cheap bottle as a centre to give it a bit more support. I rolled each diaper individually and tied them with elastics. For each of the 4 layers of rolls, I put a larger elastic around the previous set of rolls and tucked diapers into it.

The second layer is made up of cloth diapers. I use cloth and she is thinking of using them for the newbie. In the middle I stuffed a small wet bag for a spacer, and then I used another large elastic to secure the diapers around the top of the bottle. I ended up stuffing a diaper in the centre as well.

The top layer is made of baby leggings to match the diapers. Again, I rolled each and secured with an elastic and then put them altogether with an elastic. I covered all the elastics on all three layers with some blue ribbon.

Finally, I topped it off with a cute onesie I found in Calais, Maine when I was visiting there before Easter. I thought it would go with it nicely.

The finished slightly floppy cake, I decorated it with a few baby toys, two soothers and some sample sized shampoos and baby supplies.

The baby shower was a success, Mom is happy and due in two short weeks!

Once again, hope everyone has a great Father's Day!!


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