Wednesday, August 15, 2012



My name is Natasha, and I am a Canadian Domestic Goddess! No, not really. I am more of a Domestic Wannabe, my house is a mess and dishes piled in the sink each day, but you know what? It all eventually gets done and I have a lot of fun. When things seem to be piling up, I put on some music (usually Kenny Chesney) and dance the chores away!

So I am starting this blog because my other one seems to be at a standstill. I started Mmm Home Cooking about two and a half years ago to record all my recipes that I tried and to share my Mom's and Grandmother's old recipes. Lately, I have been doing more crafting than cooking, because it has just been so darn HOT! I have also been going through so many ideas preparing for an upcoming arrival! So basically, I have wanted to add all this to my blog, but I always feel that I can't, because it is a cooking blog.

I am hoping you are joining me from my cooking blog, I promise to post here a lot more often than I have been posting there lately! I have so many things I want to share. And starting tomorrow, I shall start sharing!!

Thanks for joining me!


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