Monday, August 20, 2012

Building a Library

I have always been an avid reader, since I learned to read at 5 years old. My parents and sisters read a lot to, so I am hoping to turn my children into readers as well. I found something online about asking baby shower guests to bring a book in lieu of a card to the shower, and they can sign their well wishes in the cover. I thought this was a great idea and mentioned it to my sister, she agreed and so we are going to do it.

I already have a lot of the 'baby shower' staples, like Love You Forever.  After K was born, I went out and bought a bunch of books to have at my house, so he could have something when he was visiting. Because of this, I wanted to make a baby book registry. It took me a long time to find one, but finally I discovered Amazon has a baby registry! I have yet to find a link on their main webpage for it, in order to find it I have just been doing an internet search for 'Amazon Baby Registry' (or I was until I remembered to add it to my favourites). I added about 105 books to the registry, and we plan on giving out the link when we send out invites.

Last week when I went to Value Village in search of onesies, I also got a bunch of books. All total, about 20. They are buy four get one free at my local store. This week, the local Boys & Girls club is holding a book sale, the books were all donated by the community. So, away I went this morning and picked up a bunch more. Added to my collection, I am creating quite the library for baby!

Some of the books, I read as a kid (Farmer Joe baby-sits; The Monster at the end of this book; Frog & Toad are friends) 

Others are newer ones that I have found while perusing the book store isles when I was bored (Don't let the pigeon drive the bus, Guess how much I love You; ABC, 123 & Colours of Canada)

And some others are just favourites (the stack of Little Critter books; Mulan; Winnie the Pooh)

So far I've managed to build a small library quite cheaply, and I have been able to knock about 10 off the registry! Anyone that I have spoken to seems to like the idea of a book instead of a card, and I still have plenty of time to search for new ones and knock them off my list. The book sale continues all week, so I plan on going back tomorrow since they are constantly putting out more as books are sold. Hopefully by the time baby comes I will have a large library amassed for her!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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