Thursday, August 30, 2012

Run for the Cure Ribbon Cookies

We are having a Run for the Cure bake sale tomorrow at work. I will not be able to run when the time comes in late September, so I told the team (made up of my co-workers) that I would make anything they needed for fund-raising. The recipe for the cookies is HERE. 

I usually use Royal Icing for these cookies, but when i opened my cupboard I found hardened meringue powder! After breaking it up, there was not quite enough for a half batch of icing. Since i did not have time to run over town, I instead ran down the street to a small department store with my fingers crossed that they had canned icing! (see THIS story as to why i had my fingers crossed, they often seem to be out of stuff). I bought two cans, when I got home i threw them into my trusty mixer with a bit of food colour gel and whipped it up. I started just slapping the icing onto the cookies, but I found i was breaking to many and it looked like a mess; so I finally dug out an icing bottle, filled it up and went to work. I wish i had a line tip so i could have made a ribbon of icing on them, but that will be for next time, i guess. I have oodles of icing left so i think I might make some cupcakes to take to a family event this weekend.

They turned out delicious and I hope they sell at the bake sale tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


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