Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Morning Muffins: 'Plain' Berry Muffins

Happy Monday! I accidentally just deleted my last post, our Mid-June bookshelf, so yeah..happy Monday. But we have some delicious muffins to enjoy!

I had some leftover blackberries and raspberries, they were on sale last week 2 pints for 5 dollars, so I got one of each. After eating a few for breakfast one day, Little Miss decided she didn't like them anymore. Typical 2 year old. So, into muffins they went. I just used THIS plain muffin recipe and added the berries, which I cut in half as they were quite large.

Guess what? She wouldn't eat the muffins, either. I on the other hand, really enjoyed them, especially hot from the oven. 

As usual, this recipe made 6 bakery sized muffins. It is an easy recipe that I will use again with different fillings. I am not crazy about raspberries and blackberries, I find the to sweet, but they made a good mix.

Yummy deliciousness!  I wish I had some blueberries so I could have made bumbleberry muffins instead, maybe next time!

Have a good week, everyone!


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