Sunday, June 14, 2015

B, C, and D.

My experiment with The Letter A...Again worked, she got it! At the end of the week, I tested her by writing some letters on her magnetic board and she got A every time. As well, I showed her some books and she pointed out the A each time. Yay for A! So, on we went with the next letter.

We have been spending about 4 days on each letter, a week seemed to be to much. I give her the lunch bag filled with goodies and we go through it. We then watch 2 videos on the computer, I have been using Sesame Street podcasts and THESE videos. If she is still interested, we go through the bag again. All in all, our school time lasts about 15 minutes a day.

The first time we went through the B bag, we were in our back yard tent. I set it up and we played and read in it for about half an hour. A storm was blowing in, so we had to go inside because the wind got strong and scared Salean. Otherwise, she loved the tent and we will be using it again!

Our bag of B's included:

Two B puzzle pieces.
The Fridge Phonics set with the letter B.
A Blue B made from a pipe cleaner
A Blue Ball (large pom)
A Bunny
A Blue Boat
A loaf of Bread
Four First Words cards: Book, Ball, Bed and Baby.
Our Books: Ten Tiny Babies and Belly Button Book.

With the letter C, I focused on the K sound. This is only an introduction, so I didn't want to confuse her with to much. I left out anything I had that was a S sound like circle and words combined with C, for example CH like chair. 

Our Bag of C's included:

Two C puzzle pieces
The Fridge Phonics set with the letter C.
A Cat
A Cow
A Car
Four First Words cards: Car, Cat, Crayon and Cookies.
Our Books: Corduroy and ABC just for me. 

We haven't started D yet, but plan to at the beginning of the week, which is why I am including it here.

Our Bag of D's will include:

Two D puzzle pieces
The Fridge Phonics set with the letter D
A Duck
A Dinosaur
A Dog (wolf)
A Doll
A Donkey (Eeyore)
One First Words card: Dog
Our Books: Three Minute Tales: Puppies and Big Dog! Little Dog! 

So far, she is really enjoying her letters, I tested her on A, B and C this morning, she knew what each one was. While we were drawing, I drew a D and asked her what it was, she said D, but her main word is D so I do not know if she actually knew what it was or just said D by coincidence. 

If we continue on this track, we should be through all the letters before Labour Day! 

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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