Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our Book Shelf -- End of May.

Wow, these past two weeks have flown by! I can't believe June is tomorrow, and summer seems to have hit us here, or at least every other day it has. One day it is so hot you can barely breathe, and the next two rainy and cool enough to consider turning the heat back on. But, the lawn has been mowed for the first time this season, we are able to get out and play at least every day or two and if all else fails, we have plenty of books. This is what we have been reading the last couple of weeks.

A star * indicates it seems to be, or is becoming, a favourite of Salean's. Two stars ** mean super favourite, read over and over and over again.

Library books (Usually picked by Salean, this week picked by Mama)

10 Apples Up on Top by Theo. LeSeg
The Noisy Book by Soldad Bravi
Smile, Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

New Out (Titles have been put away, this is their first time out)

Disney's Bambi
Disney's The Little Mermaid
I Love you So ... by Marianne Richmond
Mmm Cookies by Robert Munsch
Just a Bully by Gina and Mercer Mayer
*Grandma, Grandpa and Me by Mercer Mayer
Gifts  by Jo Ellen Bogart
Alligator Stew  by Dennis Lee
Farmer Joe Baby Sits by  Nancy Wilcox Richards
Another Monster At The End of This Book by Jon Stone
Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gilman

New This Week  (These have been out before, just rotated back this week)

*The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
**The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson
Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Tickle Time by Sandra Boynton
Perfect Piggies by Sandra Boynton
Mud, Muddelicious Mud by Shirley Downey

Brand New

Curious George Flies a Kite by Margaret Rey
Toy Story: Little First Look & Find

Old Books (Books that were left out from the week before)

A Lullaby for New Brunswick by Jennifer Aikman-Smith
This is My House by Mercer Mayer
Kisses, Kisses, Kisses by Darlene Ryan
**Look at You: A Baby Body Book by Kathy Henderson
*The Monster at the End of This Book by Grover
Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton
**Poke a Dot: What's Your Favorite Color? by InnovativeKids
** Counting Colours by Priddy Books

What Mama is reading this week

I still haven't had time to start a book, but got the following from the library.

Quirky Kids Eileen Costello and Perri Klass
Bite Me by Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat
Wiped: Life with a Pint Sized Dictator by Rebecca Eckler
Green Smoothies for Dummies by Jennifer Thompson

We have a few extra books out this week because I have been bribing her to get her diaper changed by giving a 'new' book out of the closet. These ones have ended up staying out. Next week we will hopefully have a couple more library books as well, I have put a couple potty training ones on hold and hope they are in soon. We have been trying for a few months with no success, she is definitely ready, but is quite stubborn!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, Happy June!


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