Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Morning Muffins: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Another Monday, another beautiful muffin. I am running a week behind; I made these muffins on Mother's Day, Mr. Picky took Little Miss out to get presents while the newbie napped, so I took advantage of the time to get some baking done. I was told I should have rested and relaxed with the down time, but to me, baking is relaxing! 

This is another Pintrest recipe, this time I searched chocolate chip muffins, and I found THIS.

I find this size is good for a toddler, but I have to eat several to get filled up. I found a larger pan and plan on giving it a try, it will create bakery sized muffins, yum!

These whipped up quickly, and made plenty! I got a dozen medium sized muffins and 10 smaller ones. Both my older pans have the same size circumference, but one is deeper than the other and so makes slightly larger muffins. They seemed to bake fairly fast to, I checked and they had started to darken.

After coming back from her flower hunting expedition (I got a dozen white roses with pink tips, Daddy said she was very insistent on them) Little Miss enjoyed a muffin. While I can't say she disliked them, she definitely didn't love them. Mr Picky, on the other hand, liked them and took several with him to work when he left for the week. I personally found them a little bland, but still good.

In this picture, she is blowing on her fingers, which is her way of saying 'hot'. She still isn't talking much, but it is amazing how she has figured out how to communicate. She has made up her own signs for drink, hot, dirty hands, and "I need a soother". 

Here's to the start of another delicious week, more muffins to come! 

Have a good week, everyone! 


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