Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tot School: B is for Balls and the Colour Blue

Our second unit of tot school went over quite well. Miss Salean really enjoyed the activities we did, and loves to see her artwork hanging in her play area. Once again, all printables are courtesy 1+1+1=1, Thank you! 

Each morning, we put a sticker on our calendar page. It took a few days to get used to only having one sticker a day, but after a couple weeks she is looking forward to it and pointing to her calendar each morning. I have to show her where to put the sticker every time, and once she gets it on there, I count the numbers that have been done already. 

We started our adventure into B with a colouring page of a ball, with a blue crayon. I am trying to get her to make the letter sound and say the word. We were successful with Apple last unit, but not the A sound. This time it was opposite, she easily made the B sound but would not say Ball.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to start doing a baking session weekly. The first week, we made muffins. Week two was a little more busy, so we didn't have a chance to get into the kitchen.

Another activity we tried was a sequence puzzle. She really didn't get it, even after several explanations. She played with the squares for a few minutes and then I substituted with another colouring page. We will go back to the puzzles later.

Again, when I gave her the colouring page with a blue crayon, I got her to make the B sound and attempted to get her to say Ball and Blue.

Another colouring page, this time I gave her a visual along with the page, This came out of a basket of a couple dozen different balls that I had put out this week. Usually, with the toy rotation I put out about six, this time I put out all of them in a big basket.

Another day, we played with blue play dough. She loved it, and it distracted her for about 45 minutes. After a while she started tossing it around the room, so it went away.

At the end of the week, I tacked on a mini Valentine's unit. Friday, we went to a library program, they did a puppet show and story time then passed out Valentine's cards and chocolates. I continued the fun Saturday with breakfast, pancakes with homemade apple jelly and a sliced apple cut like a heart. Lunch was a grilled cheese made with bread that I cut with a giant heart shaped cookie cutter, 

We had some store bought Valentine's that she grabbed off the shelf one day while we perused the dollar store. She doesn't ask for much, so I got them. I labeled them for everyone and let her colour the backs with pink and reds.

I packaged them up with some homemade sugar cookies, I made them using This Recipe that I found a few years ago.

Books we used this week:
My Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss
How do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colours? by Jane Yolen
Little Critters ABCs by Mercer Mayer
Treasure Hunt: Counting Colours by Priddy Books.

So that is it for our B unit! Next week we are into the letter C for Cat. I haven't picked a colour to go with it yet, since there are none that I can think of that start with the letter C. 
Have a good week, everyone!! 


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