Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Return to Tot School: Red Apples

We finally are able to make a return to Tot School, at about 25 months, Little Miss is still not talking but understands everything and stays out of nothing! We have plenty of space in our new home to work on focused activities, and she loves doing everything we have tried. I decided we are going to try doing small unit studies every two weeks or so. I am not expecting her to master anything, just dabble in it and introduce it, and hopefully get her talking more. 

I started with a calendar, since it was mid-month I let her fill in the dots up to the date. She enjoyed it and went a little dabber crazy, so I decided to start over at the beginning of the new month with stickers. Expecting her to make only one dab a day on a calendar is to much right now. 

All of our printed material are courtesy the blog 1+1+1=1, I am very grateful to have found this resource and plan to use it as much as I can! Here is January's calendar page that she did on the 19th.

This week's theme was apples and the colour red. Each day we read through a book or two and then did an activity. We had an apple snack one day, another day I gave her the below colouring sheet. She is using a green crayon because the red was packed away in the diaper bag to keep her entertained the next day at the Doctor's office.

I dug out a new puzzle this past week, to, it is a number one, with 1-10 on it and she loved it! She has been hauling it out almost hourly to play with both Mommy and Daddy. 

Another worksheet I used was the apple lines. I held her hand and showed her how to follow the line on the top apples, and let her have at it. She almost got it, and had a lot of fun!

Books we used this unit, both from our collection and the library.

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell
Apples Away! by Megan Bryant
Little Critter: Numbers by Mercer Mayer
Treasure Hunt: Counting Colours by Priddy Books

Other things we have been doing during our tot school time (when Baby Sister takes her long nap in the afternoon) are singing, dancing, sticker sticking and reading lots of books. As well, because we have been having so many bitter cold days and unable to get out, we have been playing chase the ball down the hall; an easy activity when I am stuck in one spot feeding the baby. I hope to start incorporating a baking session into each week as well.

So this is our first two weeks back at Tot School, we didn't do much, but it is a start! Hopefully our next unit (Blue / Balls) will go better.

Have a good week, everyone!


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