Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tea Biscuit Pizzas

Last Friday was an insane day, we spent half the morning at a library program and the afternoon was crazy with a colicky baby and a cranky toddler. Dinner had to be quick and easy, and since nothing had been thawed, with stuff from the refrigerator. I was craving pizza but didn't have dough, and the last time I made it was a flop. I jumped on Pintrest to see my options, and found several recipes using store bough biscuits. Going to the store was not an option, so I made my own using my Mom's recipe, found Here.

I keep a bag of cooked hamburger in the freezer for pizzas and pulled out some leftover pepperoni, it thawed in the time it took to make the biscuits. The biscuit recipe, using a larger cutter than I usually do, made 17 mini pizzas.

Miss Salean ate one with me, and another later when Daddy came home. I ate four! And Mr Man ate 4 as well. The remaining I wrapped and threw back into the freezer for quick lunches later.

So long as they reheat for lunches well, I will be making these again to keep in stock. Cheaper than buying them in the deli at the grocery store and easier to restock!

Have a good day, everyone!


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