Thursday, September 4, 2014

Snickerdoodles with a Toddler

It has been a rough week for poor Miss Salean. She is still a little mixed up from our move last weekend, and so is our new house. I can tell she is also confused that Daddy has been home all week, but it has been a great help to me because she has been clingy and whiny, wanting to be in the same room, but preferably beside or on top of one of us at all times. This morning, Mr Picky had to go to town for the day to take a First Aid/CPR course in preparation for going to Alberta, so I decided to make some cookies that he has been requesting for the last few weeks. Since Little Miss won't let me go, I figured it would be a good time to start baking lessons. 

After about 4 days, she finally got back to her usual sleep from 7 PM to about 8 AM routine. I got up early and prepped everything for the cookies. At 20 months she is a bit little to be scooping and measuring ingredients, instead I decided this would be an introduction to the mixer and a small pouring lesson. The recipe I used is posted HERE.

 The butter is in the mixing bowl (no sense wasting another dish when it starts out in the bowl anyway). Then there is brown sugar, white sugar 3 eggs, flour with soda, cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in, more flour and finally the cinnamon sugar dip mixture. I have 2 measures of flour because I usually mix the soda etc with only half the flour. Some days a recipe needs a little more or less flour, depending on the humidity and weather, and I don't want to waste flour or other ingredients that are already mixed in. Today, the cookies needed about a half cup extra.

 Salean was a little wary of the noise the mixer made, she doesn't really like loud noises. But she watched with interest while the ingredients mixed. I tried to get her to pour the sugar and eggs into the bowl, but I got a "you want me to what?" look, so I just let her observe. She did get into it a bit after it was all mixed and I started scooping, she tried to scoop with her own spoon and managed to get one good sized cookie made.

 I got 37 out of today's batch, and the house smelled delicious first thing in the morning. She lost complete interest while I baked she went to play without me, for the first time in a week!

Finally, the best part! Once snack time came around, she had one with some juice. She seems to like them, and Daddy will be happy when he gets home tonight.

So our move went great, aside from a clingy toddler and a wonderful messy house; but this is the second recipe I have baked this week. I am so happy to get into a big kitchen again and be able to bake and cook without bumping into things!

Have a good week, everyone!!


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