Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peanut Butter & Banana Cookies

Another week has flown past, and another weekend gone. We had lots of fun, we saw a car show, a fair, a motorcycle ride for charity (Salean absolutely loved waving at the riders as they drove past, and some even waved back!), and we found a great buy one get one sale at our local supermarket, so we stocked up on as much as we could to tide us over until the first Alberta paychecks come in.

I went to grab a banana a few days ago for breakfast and found them a tad to ripe for eating, but almost perfect for baking. I looked up banana recipes on the Kraft cooking website and picked THIS one.

As you can see below, the batter was very wet. I checked it again, read some comments and added about 5 heaping tablespoons of oatmeal. I was still wary about them baking without spreading into a cake, but they turned out perfectly.

As per other comments, I also added some chocolate chips and a smidgen of nutmeg. I think I should have added more, I couldn't taste it.

These are a quick, soft, delicious recipe. I can't tell you if they are toddler approved because she is in bed :-) We will find out at snack time tomorrow. As for me, they are on the remake list.

Have a good week, everyone!!


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