Monday, August 25, 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We were expecting some bad news in regards to Mr. Picky's job, so last week he decided to take two days vacation so we could get ahead on our moving (we are due out of our old place this coming Friday) and take the weekend to go to Halifax. This is a trip to another province, Salean's first, and there was a specific destination I had in mind. He figured it was now or never and so very early Saturday morning, we were off. Here are some of the 175 pictures I took over two days!

For someone who was pulled out of slumber and plopped into the car seat, Little Miss was in good spirits!

We followed the clouds to the border, it rained off and on the whole way to Halifax.

Windmills at the New Brunswick / Nova Scotia border. I took about 30 pictures of them over the 3 or 4 minutes it took to drive past, both coming and going. This is because his Mom loves them, and I was trying to get a really nice shot for her. 

Half way between the equator and the North Pole, we stopped for a leg stretch at a place called Mastodon Ridge in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. 

Looking through the UFO with a little help from Daddy. 

The reason this place is called Mastodon Ridge. 

The first place we visited in Halifax was called The Discovery Centre. They have a Sesame Street exhibit, and Salean loved running from activity to activity!

Posing in front of the Sesame Street door. 

Activities on another floor included this really cool mirror, Salean didn't know what to think of the other 'babies' in the mirror. She played with them for quite awhile. 

This building was outside of the Discovery Centre, I thought the windows were really neat; each one has an old time star. 

After the Discovery Centre, we went for a walk along the waterfront. This beautiful island is out in the harbour. 

We also saw Theodore Tugboat! Salean thought he was pretty neat. 

A monument representing the people that built our great nation, Fathers leaving their families to immigrate here for a better life. This was near the Pier 21 museum that we visited, where the immigrants first landed all those years ago. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum. 

After Pier 21 and lunch, we drove around to Dartmouth. This is one of the toll bridges that goes between each city. We preferred to save the toll and take the drive. We then visited the mall and went back to our hotel for dinner and a swim before bed. 

Sunday morning was beautiful. We went for another walk along the waterfront to look for the Cows Ice Cream Parlour. We found it, and we all had our first Cows ice cream. Yum! 

Pictures from our drive home. 

And a final scenic shot when we got back into New Brunswick.

One of the reasons we went to Halifax was to visit the Build a Bear Workshop. They no longer have one here. We made a bunny for Salean to give her baby sister when she comes, and a bear for her to get from her sister. We dressed them in matching outfits. 

I am glad we decided to take this quickie vacation, we decided it was going to be a now or never trip pending the upcoming job announcement. And this morning we found out the week he will be leaving us to go to Alberta for work. He will be gone at least 21 day at a time and have 7 to 10 days home. We are hoping it will only be for six months, but it could be indefinitely. We will adapt and hopefully learn to get along without Daddy for longer periods than we already do (currently he is away Monday to Friday most weeks). And hopefully six months from now he will be back in New Brunswick where he belongs! 

Well, that is our little trip. I hope everyone is having a great week (and summer, I guess, since I have been lacking in the post department).


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