Monday, May 19, 2014

Tot School: Painting with Water

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I am a day late, but we had a wonderful long weekend. This weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Camps are opened, boats are put on the water and parks open up for summer fun! We went for 2 long drives, visited a nursery for flowers, and visited both sets of grandparents. 

Last week was sunny and hot, unfortunately 2 days out of 3 of our long weekend rained. We got lots of outdoor playtime again. I stopped at the dollar store for some outdoor things and remembered something I had seen on Pintrest, painting with water! So, I purchased a paint roller, with a long handle for easier use; when we got home I filled a dish with water and set her to play on our little deck. 

She didn't do much painting, but loved dipping the roller and watching it drip. 

'Watering' the tulips, after she lost her sandals. I was quite surprised that she walked so easily on the hot stones and even the grass, as I've been told a lot of little ones fuss the first time in the grass barefoot. 

Washing a rock, she has quite the collection picked up from around the yard.

She was also all over Grandma's yard, which is covered in dirt, gravel and rocks, Saturday with bare feet. She is one tough cookie!! 

I don't have many other pictures from last week, but we worked on her puzzles, she finally figured out how to slide the pieces into the holes and she was so proud of herself!

We played with a paper toy puzzle I had made, but she had no interest in it. I put one of the papers in front of her, in this case a square, and showed her two toys, a block and a round coin from her piggy bank toy. I asked her which matched, but she just took the paper and ran. Maybe next time.

We didn't get a new sensory bin this week, I gave her the pom poms and she played with them with Daddy for a bit one night while I cooked dinner.

Our art project for the week came from THIS website. I cut a large and a small piece of paper the night before to be prepared. I started with the small, I traced my hand and then attempted to trace Salean's hand. I asked her if dolly wanted her hand traced, and I did. Then I laid dolly down and traced all around her. Salean tried to steal my marker. I traced dolly again, and again she tried to steal my marker. This was all trying to lead up to getting her to lay down on the big piece of paper to trace her. She was not interested. I gave her a blue dabber to paint the pictures, but she preferred to chew on it (I think her eye teeth are finally coming in because she has been chewing on everything lately and drooling a lot) when she started dabbing the footstool, I took it away and gave a crayon, but she tried eating that, too, so we ended up hanging the picture for all to see. I accidentally took the pictures for this project without a memory card, and since I can not find the cord for the camera, they are stuck there for now. I will update the post with pictures when I rescue them from the camera.

So that was our week in a nutshell. This week is going to be a busy one, and it is supposed to rain all week. We can't seem to get a break from it! I got a new raincoat and boots for little miss last Saturday, so we may have to go for a puddle walk some day this week!

Hope all you Canadians had a great long weekend!!


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