Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Homemade Toy Puzzle

I am constantly trying to find new ideas that are cheap to keep my little jellybean entertained while I do chores or cook. This is another that I stumbled upon while searching the pages on Pintrest. The pin led to THIS blog, it is the fourth activity down.

I started by cutting three pieces of construction paper into quarters. Each one will be a different puzzle. I just eyeballed it, so they are a bit uneven. I don;t think she will care :-)

I just went through the pile grabbing random toys and tracing them with a pencil. After, I went over the pencil marks with a permanent black marker.

I labelled each one so I do not have to keep all the toys with the cards, I can just dig them up as I bring them out to play.

Also, if for some reason they last for a long time, I can use them when she is older to teach about the names of the toys.

I don't plan on bringing out all 12 at once, that will most likely overwhelm and confuse her.  I will start her out with one or two at a time and gradually move up to probably six t a time.

So, that was today's 15 minute minute nap time craft. I plan on introducing them sometime this week

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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