Thursday, May 29, 2014

Homemade 'Blizzard'

One evening last week, Mr Picky and I were watching television when I was hit with a craving.
"I want a blizzard." I said.
"Yeah, but to bad they are so expensive." came the reply.
I sighed. "Yup." Boo hoo, no blizzard for me. Just for giggles I did a Google search. And I found THIS. Of course, we don't buy plain vanilla ice cream, all we had was orange sherbet and mint chip fudge. Boo hoo, still no bizzard for me.

Fast forward to this morning, I've been to the store twice this week and have forgotten vanilla ice cream twice. Another sigh. I was digging through the deep freeze, rearranging boxes of chicken and loaves of bread...then I came upon this glorious picture.

I didn't know you were hiding in there! I grabbed what I needed and thought about how I could make a homemade blizzard with this, after all they have cookie dough flavour! The experiment started after my little jellybean went to bed.

Measure out the ice cream very carefully! I thought about halving the recipe, but changed my mind because a cup isn't really a whole lot.

My blender doesn't really work all that well. I had to shake it, mash the ice cream down and break it up with a spoon in order to get it to blend. Since the ice cream was from the deep freeze, it may have been to hard. I put it in the fridge freezer so it will be softer next time.

Deliciousness. As I said, a cup of ice cream isn't really a whole lot, but it made a nice little serving for one person.

It was very creamy, and almost like soft serve. Almost. I think this recipe would do in a pinch, but I don't think it is an exact replica. But, it is a nice way to liven up your ice cream! I will have to remember to grab some vanilla the next time it is on sale and try this recipe with some Smarties or other chocolate treats.

Hope everyone is having a great week! It has either been freezing cold or crazy hot here the last week and a half; and we have been insanely busy, so we kind of skipped tot school last week. But, I have a few new activities lined up to tell you about next week.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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