Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St Patrick's day! 

Here is an updated picture of our little jellybean, Miss Salean. 

She is 14 months old, and a little whirlwind!

We have had a very rough winter this year, a storm just about every Wednesday dropping anywhere between 2 and 12 inches each time! It piled up very fast! These pictures are from February 16th, we had two large storms that week, and this is after the first!

The pile she is sitting on is what Daddy cleared from the steps and along the side of both cars, a path that was barely a foot and a half wide, as you can see below.  

We held Salean's first birthday party on New Year's Day. She loved the cake!

The tutu, not so much. But, she put up with it for Mommy's sake :-) 

And finally, Salean celebrated her first Christmas. She was spoiled quite nicely!

These are all her gifts piled under Nanny and Grampy's tree. We ended up spending 3 days there, from the 23rd until the 25th, because of a huge ice storm. Our power was out only three days, where we stayed a day and a half; but others had no electricity until after the new year! 

Daddy helped while Mommy took pictures with her new camera! 

With breaks for breakfast and playing, because Daddy had to set everything up, it took two hours to unwrap everything. 

Favourite toys ended up being both the Little People Doll House and the Farm.

The Weebles playground was another favourite. 

And a really cool pink camo tent! 

All Salean's gifts under her own tree after we got home late Christmas day. 

And her first Christmas dinner at her other Nanny & Grampy's house. 

So, Salean is getting bigger and bigger; she started walking a few days before Christmas. She does not talk much, but her Doc is not worried because she is mimicking a lot and will tell you  Hello! 

I am back to blogging and am now on Twitter as CdnDmstcWannabe, and have a page on Facebook as well. 

Welcome back! 


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