Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Ongoing Calendar

A few years ago, I found a lovely little webpage called Pintrest. We all know about Pintrest. The wonderful webpage with so many ideas that makes time disappear! I love Pintrest. :-) This is one of the first ideas found on Pintrest that I tried. An ongoing memory calendar.

The first thing I bought was a small wooden box, I got it at the dollar store. I also picked up three packages of index cards. You need 366, one for each day of the year plus one for leap years.

To fancy it up a bit, I covered it in some patterned duct tape, also found at the dollar store. Yay for cheap crafts!

All you have to do is write in the year and a little one liner about the day! I also like to add a bit about the weather if it is unusual. As you can see, I was alternating red and blue, but Salean made off with my red pen last week, so now I am onto black.

Finally, tuck them into your box for safekeeping. I put the days that are past in the back and shuffle them to the right, just to keep them separate from the unwritten ones.

So, my first Pintrest craft was a success, and now I am into my third year of doing it! It is a great way to go back and remember things, especially with a baby, it is a great place to record all those little firsts!

Have a good day, everyone!!


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