Thursday, January 8, 2015

Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes

It has taken me almost two and a half years to get to 100 posts, so this one is a special one! Little Miss Salean has turned 2 years old, and what a birthday!

She woke up at 3:30 AM on the 30th of December puking, poor kid! She was sick a few more times over the next few hours, but after that alright, although tired. That night, it happened again! And Mr Man and I spent that night sitting up with her while she played and slept for a few hours on his chair. Every time the newbie woke up for a feeding, we switched. Little Miss spent her birthday dozing on Daddy's chair, so we cancelled her birthday parties. We planned on having cake at his parents on her birthday, and at mine the next day; now the plan was to push cake off to Saturday at his parents, and whenever we could get out to mine. Saturday rolled around and we found out the rest of the family was sick! So, the party was pushed off once again. Finally on Sunday, January 4th, we had cake! I made cupcakes using THIS recipe that I got from a random internet search.

I decorated them with store bought icing and a few mini M&Ms that I had bought with a plan to make cookies.

I will definitely be using this recipe again, the batter was so thick and creamy; very fluffy so it scooped into the cups without much mess.

The cupcakes themselves were a little dry, but that could be fixed with a few minutes less in the oven. Otherwise, they were delicious, very chocolately.

And since I only needed a dozen, I had some extra batter to try out a new machine I got for Christmas, cake balls!

And a few pictures of the Birthday Girl, on her party night and on her actual birthday, poor kid.

Here's to the next 2 years, and the next 100 posts! Happy New Year from Savana and Salean, who is not getting to close to the newbie if she can help it :-) 


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