Friday, January 2, 2015

Baked Sweet Potato Tots

Poor little Miss spent her 2nd birthday sick, and unfortunately had a visit to the hospital. The visit proved knowledgeable for us, though, and the Doctor asked us to try her on a 'no white' diet. This means no white bread, crackers, bananas, white rice, refined sugars, etc. A hard task for a little one who will only eat crackers, toast and some fruit. Looking for new recipes, I tried a Pintrest search for 'Real Food for Toddlers' and came up with THIS, homemade tater tots. Tater Tots are something Salean will eat sometimes, but my fussy eater is not crazy about them all the time.

While we were out getting groceries this morning, I picked up the ingredients. Both were on sale, yay! I broke in the steamer from my new pot set to make this, and I was quite surprised at how fast the sweet potatoes steamed compared to boiling time!

I used some mozza-cheddar blend in the tots as per comments below the post. I also ran out of Parmesan after rolling one pan, so the rest I just left plain. The coated ones I froze and the plain I baked off for her dinner, since she refused the pizza we were having.

Unfortunately, my toddler took one bite, made a finny gagging noise and spit it out. To her credit, she tried it a second time but with the same results. I liked them, though. I have plenty, so I will bake some more up and try them on her again, you never know she could be just having an off day!

So we now officially have a two year old and the terrible twos have begun! Her favorite word is No! and she refuses to nap, she has been taking them in Daddy's chair. I think maybe she senses that he will be going away again. He finally found a job that starts early next week, and Little Miss has become quite attached to Daddy in the last few months. But, we will stay busy, she starts speech this Thursday and I am hoping to start up Tot School again while the Newbie naps.

Have a good weekend!!


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