Friday, December 5, 2014

Puppy Chow Pretzels

Until I started wandering the Pintrest boards, the only Puppy Chow I had heard of was the type you pour into a bowl on the floor for your dog. Once I found a few recipes, I was intrigued. But, I have yet to try the recipes because Chex cereal is difficult to find around here and when it can be found, it isn't cheap. This changed last week.

I logged into my Blogger account and among the list of blogs I follow, I found THIS delicious looking concoction on the Confessions of a Cookbook Queen blog. Pretzels are easily obtainable and quite cheap at the Bulk store, so I kept the recipe in the back of my head until I got to town to buy the ingredients. 

I quickly realized I hadn't bought enough pretzels (for some reason I thought it called for only 4 cups. I will chalk that memory slip up to pregnancy brain). So, I halved the recipe and dove in. 

I only had to microwave the chocolate-peanut butter concoction one minute, probably because there wasn't as much as in the original recipe. It went smooth with just a quick stir. While it microwaved, I planned on getting the powdered sugar measured and the pans ready...but one minute is quicker than it seems! I ended up dividing it into three bags because the ones I had were so small; while I lined pan number 1, the mixture sat in the first bag soaking up the sugar. Therefore, this pan didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. 

The second and third pans I put the sugar in the bottom of the bag instead of on top of the pretzels, I had figured on the first bag some of the sugar had stuck to the chocolate on the inside of the bag, causing the first pan's lack of sugar. These two pans turned up much nicer, and I re-sugared the first pan after. 

So, the verdict? Absolutely delicious! If I can get back to the Bulk store, I will grab more pretzels and make a full batch for my Mom's Christmas Eve. Mr Picky didn't want to try it because he does not like pretzels, and little miss is in bed, so this batch is all mine! :-) 

Have a good weekend, everyone!! 


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