Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ginger the Elf, Week 2.

Week number two with Ginger the Elf has come to a close, here is a recap of her exploits this week! 

Sunday morning, Ginger was hanging out around the backdoor. Salean had a hard time finding her because she was down the hall. 

Monday December 1st, Ginger brought our Christmas tree! It is a small one that we were given last year, To keep little fingers out of it, it is perched in a window between the kitchen and living room. 

Tuesday morning, Ginger started bringing ornaments for our tree! She will be doing this every day until Christmas. Last year, we just hung them on the wall for Salean to open each day, our homemade Advent calendar. 

Day one, Ginger brought a little clay puppy to hang on the tree. Salean was quite excited about this! 

Wednesday morning, Ginger was found hanging from the door frame of Salean's room, peeking in on her sleeping! Ginger left her decoration gift on the doorknob, which was found very quickly! 

This morning, she left an original My Little Pony. We played with it for a litle bit before hanging it on the tree.

Thursday morning, Ginger was hanging from the electrical panel door. Her gift hung from the doorknob of the bathroom, which is close by. I didn't think  Salean had seen it on her way by, but after being up half an hour or so, she suddenly stopped what she was doing and ran to get it! 

This one was a clay ornament from last year, for baby's first Christmas. 

Friday morning, Ginger got caught in the blinds! Salean thought this was quite funny and had to point her out all day! 

Ginger brought a special ornament this day, it is a little bell angel that she received from an Aunt last Christmas. It is the first in a series that Auntie plans on buying for her each year. 

This morning, Ginger was hanging out on the calendar. Salean tried to grab her as we went out, as it is just inside the front door! 

This morning, Ginger brought a little Santa ornament. Salean loved this one and we had to chase her so we could put it on the tree! 

So, week two is done, as is week one of our makeshift Advent calendar. Another week is done, which is another week closer to baby coming, ten more days until she is due! 

Have a good week, everyone!!


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