Monday, April 28, 2014

Homemade Play Dough

It's a rainy, windy, miserable, cold day. Little Miss is always in  grumpy mood on days like this, so while she napped, I made play dough. She is a little young for it, the commercial stuff recommends ages 3 and up, but I figured if I kept a close eye on her we'd be safe.

I decided to go with a homemade recipe. I found THIS  easy kool aid one on Pintrest (of course). I had to buy the cream of tarter, I've never used it before. Was I ever surprised when I found the tiny jar in the spice isle and it was almost seven dollars! I'll be honest, I swore (not very loud, though). An older lady beside me commented on the price of spices as well, so I mentioned what I was looking for and she pointed put another brand that was 2 dollars cheaper. I thanked her three times and went on my way.

The dry ingredients mixed in the pot.

The glob before kneading

 After kneading a bit.

I presented half the play dough on the high chair tray with some sturdy cutters. Before I gave it to her, I said this is not to eat it is to play with!

 I cut a small circle out just to show how it is done. She loved the circle and was amazed by it and the hole it came out of! She tried putting it back in the hole and kept looking at it, investigating every surface.

Talking to the cutters and dough She didn't really figure out how to cut shapes, but mashed it a bit with the cutters.

Eventually she just started puling bits off and dropping them into the large round cutter.

The inevitable taste test. I missed all the good faces :-)

All in all it went well. She played about 15 minutes or so, until she started constantly tasting. I took that as a sign it was time for snack. She didn't fuss when I took it away, but had a great tantrum later after snack when it was time to get out of the high chair. We ended up getting dressed an going for a walk after that.
I really liked the recipe, it went together really quick. As per my usual luck, the minute I got started (once I got the water in the pot) I was interrupted. In this case, the garbage men came, which means I have to go fetch the cans before they blow away, and they woke Salean from her nap so she started fussing. I was able to wait them both out until I at least got it plopped on the kneading board. I went back to it after getting her up and the garbage cans in.
But, I will be making it again. We are partial to the colour purple, so I used grape mix. I plan on making a red, green and possibly a blue and yellow if I can find the drink mixes. I just have to find something to store them in!
Have a good day everyone, here's hoping tomorrows weather is better than todays!

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