Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The summer has come to an end, it is getting cooler, fast, and Miss Salean has grown. She is now eight and a half months old, and able to do so many things!

So serious, this is from her first Canada Day back in July. There was so much to see and do! She saw her first fireworks, and went on her first trip to the museum, and with Nanny's help, her first bouncy castle!

Also in July, with Daddy's help, Salean first dipped her toes into the Bay of Fundy. The ocean water was quite cold, but she seemed to enjoy it!

In August, we went trick-or-treating with her cousins at their campground! I made her a Wonder Woman costume to match her cousin Jack, who is a month younger and dressed up as Superman! I made it out of duct tape, a Canada Day onesie, a blue diaper cover (from a dress), her Canada Day boots and a bit of ribbon and fun foam.

It was a fun day and we got lots of candy and chips!!

Salean trying out my Lasagna , I'd say this was a success!

On Labour Day weekend, Salean had her first Timbit, which is a doughnut hole for those who don't have a local Tim Hortons. She loved it and now gets one each weekend for a treat when Daddy gets his coffee.

We moved on Labour Day, as well. This is Salean's little nook in our new living room. She is also able to move and play freely in her new bedroom, as it is much bigger than her old nursery.

And finally last weekend, Salean learned to stand! She has been pulling up onto everything this week. She stands up, realizes she does not know how to go anywhere (although she really wants to), and then cries to be rescued. Very soon, she will be cruising the furniture!

As well, I have gotten Salean transitioned completely to cloth diapers in the daytime. I would have to change her at least 3 times at night and don't want to wake her, so I still put a disposable on her at bedtime.

Well, that's my updates for the month, I have some new recipes to share and as the holidays come closer, some crafts as well. I can't wait for Salean's first Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, followed by her birthday! It's going to be a fun time!

Hope everyone had a great summer!!


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