Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Update

Baby Salean is 5 months old! Where has the time gone? So much for two posts a week! It has been such a busy time, play groups, walks, cooking and cleaning and playing. Here are some updated pictures of our little Jellybean!

In May, at four months old, Salean was weighed in at 13 Lbs, 8 oz. She had a hard day after her needles; so exhausted, she couldn't even hold her head up! She laid in Daddy's arms moaning until she finally fell asleep.

We have been dabbling in first foods, poor Salean has a fussy palate, it seems. She tried, and disliked, Mango (above), banana, apple and rice cereal. She liked sweet potato, avocado and is starting to like squash. She also tried oatmeal, but it made her sick :-( poor baby.

We took our first visit to a playground, Salean loves the swings! This is the look she gave me when I hopped on a swing beside her!

She loves her toys, especially her jumpers. She has a car like this both at home and at her Nanny's. Her favourite part is the tray, she can play with her toys and toss them on the floor!

Finally, five months old. This was taken May 31st. She is such a happy baby (for the most part), but still only naps 20 minutes at a time!

Summer is coming, we have lots to do and can get out so much more now that the weather is nicer! Can't wait for the new adventures to come in the next few months!

Have a good week!


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  1. Hi Natasha! What a beautiful and joyful baby! This was so fun to read...especially as we approach the birth of our own sweet baby. Thank you for sharing with me!