Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Suntella" Chocolate Spread

A few weeks ago, I ran to the library and quickly grabbed a few new cook books. One of them was called Real Food for Real Families. I was in a rush, so I didn't really look at it until I got it home, but I had grabbed it thinking it was normal every day recipes for families. Something my fussy couple might actually eat! When I got a chance to look at it, I realized it is a book of home made recipes to replace all the store bought goodies we usually feed our kids. I picked out a few recipes, but this was the first that I got around to trying. This is to replace Nutella, which it shows to be full of sugar and artificial flavours. 

I didn't buy enough sunflower butter so I halved the recipe. As well, there were no storage suggestions with the recipe, so I am keeping it in the fridge since there is milk in it. The full recipe is below. 

1 cup Sunflower seed butter
4 Tbsp cocoa powder
1/4 cup almond, soy or cow's milk
1/4 cup liquid honey
2 tsp vanilla extract

In food processor, combine all ingredients and process until blended, thinning to spreadable consistency with more milk, if necessary. 

Putting it on store bought white bread probably throws the all natural breakfast out the window, but baby steps :-) It kind of looks nasty, but isn't that bad. I wasn't crazy about the taste of the sunflower butter, though, so I find this tastes a bit off. Just as an FYI, I found the sunflower butter at the Bulk Barn, a bulk store that we have here. I suppose you could probably find it in the natural foods isle of your supermarket as well. It surprisingly looks and smells a lot like peanut butter. 

Just because I wasn't crazy about it does not mean a thing, I guess, because my little weirdo LOVES it!! I've given it to her several times for both breakfast and snack and she almost cleans her plate each time. 

Yum! She also loves the sunflower butter alone on toast, so I went back and got some more today. Sure, she won't eat anything normal like a carrot or pea, but give her unusual things like cranberries, couscous, or sunflower butter and she gobbles them up! Crazy kid. 

I have all the ingredients for at least one more recipe in this book, homemade goldfish crackers, now I just have to get the time and energy to get it made! Only ten more weeks until I become a Momma of two (under two for a few weeks!) so there is lots to do, especially since we finally found a job opportunity and Mr Picky may be going away for three weeks at a time after Thanksgiving, which is next weekend!!

Pitter patter, best get at 'er, as they say!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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