Friday, January 25, 2013

Easy Caramel Sauce

I know I am supposed to be sleeping while baby is sleeping, but my apartment building is very noisy today, so I am actually surprised that the baby is sleeping! Me, not so much. So, while baby is sleeping, I figured I'd get a blog post done. That way there would be at least 2 posts for January! What a month it has been!

Anyway, on to the sweet stuff. Caramel sauce, yum...I made this before Christmas for Christmas gifts. It is deliciously easy, but takes half the day to make. You start with a can of sweetened condensed milk, or three.

Take the paper wrapper off them and get a big, deep pot. Make sure they are fully submerged in water, then turn them on to boil for two and a half hours.

I had to borrow a pot as none of mine are deep enough. Keep an eye on it to be sure the water does not boil off, they have to stay submerged the whole time. Once the time is up, turn off the heat and very carefully using tongs remove the cans.

Let them cool to room temperature, this will take several hours. Finally, pop the top and enjoy!!

Yum! I made a strawberry syrup and some chocolate syrup to go with this and put it in cute little jars.

 I was not able to get any fancy labels for them, so I just used the stickers that came with them.

I gave a set of these to several people, so I hope they were enjoyed by all! I still have some in my freezer for us, I am thinking of picking up some apples and making a caramel apple crumble, divine deliciousness!

We are in the middle of a deep freeze this week, it is supposed to go until Tuesday, so we have been stuck inside all week; and it has been a long week since Salean is going through her 3 week growth spurt and eating non stop!

But, we have been staying cuddled inside and trying to stay warm, hoping next week brings warmer weather so we can go for a proper walk!

Hope everyone is having a lovely January, stay toasty!!


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