Monday, September 17, 2012

New car!

This is the new car. It is a 2012 Dodge Journey. This past weekend, we took it for a couple road trips just to figure out the mileage. 

This is the actual one we have. It is sooo nice! We have only had it one weekend, but so far so good! We figured it out to about 85 miles per gallon! 

It's hard to see, but here is our route this weekend. 

Saturday, we left Saint John (A) and drove to Moncton (B), drove around, went shopping, and went home (C). 

Sunday, we left Saint John (C) and went to see my parents in Wirral (D), which is basically on the back road to Fredericton (E). We continued to the city for some more shopping, then drove onto Mactaque (F) to see the dam, since I had never been there before. We drove back into Fredericton for a pit stop & snack, and onto Sussex (G). Finally, we had less than 1/8th tank of gas, and the meter on the car said we could still go about 100 Km. We didn't want to push it, so we filled up and drove home. 

According to Yahoo maps, all told we went about 380 miles, on one tank of gas. With the old truck, we would have had to fill up at least twice this weekend. 

So, we are very pleased thus far, it drives smoothly, has a great radio, very comfy seats, the AC and heat work great and there is lots of storage. I highly recommend  it for a family car! The only thing we did not like was the backseat windows, when we put them down on the highway there was a horrible loud noise from the air flow, my ears felt like they were going to pop over and over, they were only down for a few seconds!They will need to be locked so no one puts them down. Ouch!  

And now...back to packing. Only a week and a half until moving day!!

Have a Happy Monday, everyone!!


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